Introducing DJI’s Zenmuse XT-2 designed for Public Safety Operations

The Zenmuse XT 2 changes the game for public safety pilots flying with a thermal payload. Traditionally, flying standard thermal imagers presented a situational awareness challenge for UAS flight crews since they FLIR thermal imagers are lower resolution than their visual sensor counterparts. With a traditional thermal imager, it’s easy to confuse flat planes of similar temperature (such as a rooftop with a parking lot, or treetops with grass) confusing thermal contrast with depth of field leading to disorientation and a loss of situational awareness.

XT2 is a joint venture between DJI and FLIR that pairs a 640×512 (or 336×256 depending on options) thermal imaging sensor and 4K visual camera with DJI’s leading stabilization system. Utilizing FLIR’s powerful onboard image processing software, the thermal image is augmented by the color and contrast of the 4K visual sensor. This process, called MSX Overlay, vastly enhances the sharpness and intelligibility of the resulting image, improving a flight crew’s ability to discern contrast and detail in the thermal image and maintain situational awareness with low contrast obstacles.

With MSX imaging, minute details like HAZMAT placards become readable in the thermal image. Other image processing features such as Picture in Picture, as well as the digital zoom available on the XT2 increase the flight crew’s options to acquire the critical data needed to complete the mission safely. The XT2 is best paired with a DJI M200 or M210 for maximum performance and is the ideal tool for missions such as Search & Rescue, HAZMAT operations, identifying hotspots during a fire, or finding people through visibility restrictions such as smoke or haze. The XT2 is IP43 rated to handle mild to moderate precipitation, and when flown on the M200 or M210 won’t be grounded by moisture.

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