We help organizations build scalable, safe and effective drone operations.

AeroVista Innovations is an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) training and consulting services firm that provides solutions for Public Safety & Enterprise clients.

The key to a successful drone operation is not just great training. It is implementing a program supports all aspects of your operational needs from training, to standard operating guidelines, to equipment standards and FAA compliance. We can help your organization build a scalable, safe & effective drone operations program while minimizing risk.


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Brendan Stewart

Brendan Stewart

Co-founder and President of Engineering

Brendan Stewart is the co-founder and President of Engineering. He oversees the engineering and pilot strategy for the company, and is dedicated to building a team of world-class aerial pilots to put AeroVista Innovations at the forefront of the industry. He leads pilot training program development and flight consulting strategy. Brendan holds an FAA Sport Pilot Certificate. He has been flying model aircraft and UAVs since childhood. His passion for aviation led him to engaging as the lead pilot, and flight systems engineer at AVI.

Melanie Harris

Melanie Harris

Chief Engagement Officer

Melanie Harris is our Chief Engagement Officer. She leads the organizational focus on identifying, building and delivering the optimal AVI solution for all of our clients. She drives sales, marketing and training program development. Melanie is inspired by innovative solutions that evolutionize the way we do the things we do. She has executive leadership experience with premier technology, internet and consulting companies and is passionate about collaborating with clients to deliver leading edge solutions. Melanie earned her undergraduate degree from Duke University. Melanie is an FAA Certified Remote Pilot.

Peter Spero

Peter Spero

Co-founder and Chief Creative Officer

Peter Spero is the co-founder and President of Media Productions and leads the post production team. He is the creative genius responsible for film editing, composing/producing/recording original soundtrack music for the final product for AeroVista media clients. Peter is an experienced UAV pilot and holds a Private Pilot’s certificate issued by the FAA.