Deliver real time, high definition video and images.

AeroVista Innovations fleet of UAVs can play an essential role in performing inspections for high risk operations.

Our drones can be equipped with thermal/infrared cameras or high resolution cameras that deliver real time, high definition video and images. Whether inspecting HVAC units, powerlines, wind turbines, or finding missing people, aerial video and thermal imaging are quickly becoming invaluable tools.

Industrial Applications for Inspections

Whether you are identifying critical Infrastructure components needing repair or replacement or areas of energy loss and inefficiency, we can provide you an assessment tool that is safe, cost effective and will save you money.

· Energy/Utilities – Solar Farms, Wind Turbines, Power Lines
· Communications – Cell Towers, Radio Transmission Towers, Microwave Towers
· Infrastructure- HVAC (Heating Ventilation, Air Conditioning), Refrigeration Warehouses, Roofs
· Structures – Factories, Homes, Roofs, Windows, Loading Docks

Drone ready to capture thermal or visual images.

Thermal aerial inspection or poorly insulated doc doors demonstrate cool (blue) air escaping from insulated doorjambs and seals management.

Using drones for wind turbine thermal inspections are a much safer and more efficient way to assess if equipment is operating within the proper specs.

The DJI Zenmuse XT thermal camera can capture precision temperature gradients giving a complete thermal status of structures.

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